Anonymous: Hey ajita!! I'm really out of shape and have let myself go this past year due to my severe depression and lack of motivation. I'm finally trying to do something about it by eating clean and doing the 30 day shred. The thing is, after 10 minutes I'm completely winded and I give up. This has happened twice and I'm starting to feel hopeless. Can you give me some advice?


"The master was once a beginner."    (or something like that!) 

Everyone starts somewhere! That fact that you’re being pro-active and eating healthy & working out is fantastic!! Don’t stress if you get tired/ winded when you first start. Everyone is in the same boat as you initially. Yesterday, I did weights again for the first time in a few months and I couldn’t lift the same weights as I could before. I had to start from scratch and it was still really hard!! But I’m not beating myself up because at least I’m doing something. 

A bit of advice: If you want to succeed in this for the long-term, you have to stop thinking in the short-term. These things take time and you have to be patient and consistent. Keep at it, and I ASSURE you that you will be able to keep up. 

Go girl! x

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